Custody Solution: Safeguarding Assets Globally, where Security meets Innovation and Precision meets Protection

You are not alone! Common challenges include…

Manual processes in Back Office systems leading to risks
Manual processes in Back Office systems leading to risks.
Inadequacy of local and global clients servicing capabilities
Inadequacy of local and global clients servicing capabilities.
Lack of flexibility to address market dynamics
Lack of flexibility to address market dynamics.

Why Wait?

Implement a business strategy to the highest international standards, while in full compliance with local regulations

We navigate country-specific regulatory requirements from financial and governmental bodies, ensuring comprehensive data management and seamless integration with core banking institutions.

Ensure access to real-time information and improved straight-through processing in all areas of custody operations from deal capture to clearing, settlement, and corporate actions.

15+ Years of

11 Live

From our successful implementations in India since 2005, to establishing a strong presence in the Middle Eastern and South American markets in Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Jordan, Peru to pioneering the first Custodial system in GIFT City for Overseas Investments, we continue to drive innovative solutions and effortlessly bridge connections with global custodians.

Optimize your business by delivering value across the Total Trade Lifecycle (TTLC) with the 5-pronged advantage of our Custody Solution

Business Growth
  • Designed to handle multiple client segments, dynamic regulations, jurisdictions, diverse markets, and asset classes.
  • Omnichannel and robust architecture (data driven, API led, configurable workflows, security and network encryption)
Business Growth
Client Servicing
  • Service your client s diverse investment strategies coupled with multilingual capability of clients reporting requirements
  • Improve client experience by digitizing and enabling self-service channels
  • Enhance investment offering by introducing global offerings and easily launch new security types/products.
Client Servicing
Cost Reduction
  • The platform economy extends value-added services to core services, addressing a comprehensive financial ecosystem.
  • Market-ready solution, cutting implementation costs for businesses seeking a swift and efficient deployment.
Cost Reduction
Operational Efficiency
  • High Straight Through Processing (STP) standards are met across the entire trade lifecycle
  • Streamlines and consolidates post-trade processes across asset classes and markets, ensuring a unified and efficient system
Operational Efficiency
High Performance Technology
  • Built with the latest technologies and robust architecture i.e. data driven, API led, configurable workflows, with security and network encryption in place
  • Scalable, future-ready, secure and flexible technologies
High Performance Technology
Custody Plus

The Top 3 Financial Institutions in Advanced and Growth Markets Relies on IntellectAI

Custody plus is a globally acclaimed and trusted solution, empowering to excel in custody operations across diverse markets. We have earned the trust of 6 prominent international financial institutions across the globe by helping them thrive as we provide our modular design and advanced functionality in the world's most complex and competitive financial landscapes.

Custody Plus has been a preferred choice for international financial institutions like Bank of Jordan, CIB (Commercial International Bank) in Egypt, BCP(Banco de Crédito) in Peru and more seeking to consolidate their Global Custody Operations. Our Custody Plus is a single, unified platform enabling institutions to achieve greater operational efficiencies, reducing cost and driving business growth.

Custody Edge

Our domestic custody solution is relied upon by the top 5 banks in India, processing 23% of the total custodian transactions in the country.

Custody Edge is a trailblazing solution calibrated to the complex requirements of the Indian financial ecosystem, harnessing AI embedded technology to seamlessly handle 23% of the country’s custodian transactions. By synergizing on an advanced eMACH architecture, intuitive design and real-time analytics, Custody Edge empowers 6 Indian financial institutions from ICICI, Kotak, HDFC, SBI and more to transcend operational complexities, fortify security and unlock unparalleled efficiency.

Why IntellectAI’s Custody Solution?

As a Custodian Domain, we understand the importance of adhering to country specific regulatory requirements and our system is adept at managing these intricacies.

Custody Solution - A single stop shop , harmonizing diverse needs for seamless support!

Client Onboarding

  • Safekeeping account creation
  • Mapping to market entities
  • communication setup
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Bank account mapping
Client Onboarding

Clearing & Settlement

  • On Market (on exchange) OTC transactions
  • Multi-depository / multi-currency holdings
  • Mutual fund subscriptions and redemption
  • Multi market settlement
  • PMS processing
  • Physical securities
Clearing & Settlement

Corporate Actions

  • Processing of mandatory events
  • Volunteer response tracking
  • Proxy voting
  • Primary market
Corporate Actions

Fees and Billing

  • Provisional and final bill computation
  • Bill consolidation across accounts
  • Tariff setup
  • Outstanding tracking
Fees and Billing

Reporting & Client Communication

  • SWIFT messaging framework
  • MIS reporting
  • Auto e-mailer framework
  • Operations workbench
Reporting & Client Communication

Ensure speed and accuracy of decisions with a single view of customer portfolio across markets and asset classes!

Benefits realised by our customers

Substantial reduction

Substantial reduction in processing cost per trade

STP index

STP index > 95% by elimination of redundancies in process and systems

Reduced TCO

Reduced TCO by providing value added services on the single platform

Flexibility in client

Flexibility in client relationship management by providing highly customized fees schedules for each client

Platform economy

Platform economy - An integrated platform catering to multiple asset classes, markets, client segments, and value added services

Configurable process

Configurable process flows that enable quick turn-around to market, regulatory and client specific changes

Ready industry

Ready industry adapters to exchanges, clearing houses, global and local depositories, thereby reducing the implementation timeline substantially.

Reduced operational

Reduced operational cost by supporting complex fund and fee structures, hierarchical agency and commission structure

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