End-to-end Solutions for Wealth Mangement
Comprehensive Solution for Life and Annuity Solutions
How Core Specialty leveraged unstructured data to improve their underwriting process.

Awards and Memberships

  • Celent Model

    IntellectAI powered St. James's Place Wealth Management wins Celent’s ‘Model Wealth Manager’ award in the ‘Emerging Technologies’ category for ‘New Business Innovative’ initiative. 2020

  • Celent

    Magic Submission, an IDX product, recognized by Celent in their Intelligent Automation in Wealth Management Report for its use of cognitive RPA at St. James’s Place.

  • IBS intelligence

    Intellect wins #1 ranking in Retail Banking, #1 ranking in Transaction Banking and #1 in InsurTech for the second consecutive year.

  • Celent Model

    Amerisure wins Celent Model Insurer Award 2022 in the Legacy and Ecosystem Transformation category for their underwriting transformation project using Intellect Xponent

  • Celent

    Intellect Risk Analyst was cited among leading Direct Data Platforms providing answers to specific questions from an individual insurer for use in underwriting or other processes.

  • Novarica

    Intellect Risk Analyst implementation at Liberty Mutual featured as a ‘Case Study in the Data and Analytics’ category by Novarica in their Annual Case Study.

  • Aite

    Intellect SEEC was recognized as a ‘Full AI Suite Provider’ who can help carriers streamline their underwriting workflows.

  • Novarica

    Novarica rates Intellect SEEC’s IDX as an Intelligent Text Ingestion Solution for Advanced Underwriting with broad spectrum use, with AI and ML playing a crucial role at its function.

  • WealthTech Top 100

    IntellectAI powered by eMACH.ai named on the WealthTech Top 100 World's Most Innovative WealthTech Companies

Wealth Solutions

With IntellectAl's wealth management solutions, RMs can Offer superior advisory services as they are equipped with smart tools that remove hindrances and amplify their capacity to provide guidance to their clients.


Al-powered front end solution for efficient RM productivity and personalized customer care.

ESG Edge

AI to execute your ESG vision without compromise.

Wealth Qube

A Comprehensive Al-Driven Platform for Enhanced Financial Planning and Execution.

Life and Annuity Solutions

An omni channel Insurance Sales and Service Suite. Including complete Claims Management


Innovative and comprehensive insurance sales and services with CBX-I

Currently only available in India

CBX-I Claims

Empower your claims process with CBX-I's configurable workflows and rules

Currently only available in India

Magic Invoice

Handle industry specific invoicing and variations with ease

About Us

  • Insurance and Wealth

    IntellectAI is a suite of contemporary artificial intelligence products and data insights triangulated from thousands of sources to take a strategic approach to tackling the biggest challenges for the industry. Our transformation accelerators seamlessly augment your business to drive efficiencies for scale quickly.

  • Corporate Banking

    iGTB creates financial technologies that help banks lead businesses onto the path of growth and success.

  • Consumer Banking

    iGCB provides a comprehensive solution for banking and capital markets, covering retail and central banking solutions and treasury and capital markets With its all-in-one Contextual Banking suite, iGCB meets the demands of retail banking, corporate banking and capital markets.

Technology that drives us

Our driving force is the customer’s customer. Data is the fuel, machine learning is the engine and cloud is the chassis of this force.



By leveraging cloud, we have been able to make our customers agile and help them overcome the dreaded hurdle of technology obsolescence.

Machine learning

Machine learning

By using machine learning, we provide context to the messiness of big data. ML technology drives our conversational enterprise solutions, risk assessment and underwriting solutions.

Big data

Big data

The insurance industry, much like others, relies on data to measure what matters. But, what if the quality of the internal data is outdated? We have now made it possible to harness big data at the right volume, velocity and veracity.

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Want to see our products in action? Let our experts help you get started


Want to see our products in action? Let our experts help you get started