Empower RM’s with advanced tools designed to transform the wealth management landscape

A comprehensive wealth management ecosystem that leverages AI and machine learning

Reimagine Wealth Management with Wealth Qube®

API Based | Cloud Native | BIAN Compliant

Wealth Qube®, a streamlined front-to-back solution has been modeled around the relationship managers’ tasks, providing smart tools to enhance the quality of advisory. An ‘Empowered RM’ – one who is aware and armed with the right set of tools and information to serve customers’ needs, is our promise.

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As a seamless extension of your business, Wealth Qube® offers a comprehensive digital solution for private and retail banks, wealth and asset management firms, advisory firms, broker-dealers, and trusts to service various client segments from UHNI to mass affluent households and institutions.

Streamlined Wealth Management: The 6 Key Components of Wealth Qube®

The Wealth Qube® platform seamlessly integrates the various functions of wealth management by bringing together six distinct offices. Each Office represents a key aspect of wealth management and is equipped with Desks tailored to meet the specific needs of various business functions. The Tools provide the necessary features for effective execution, resulting in a smooth and user-friendly experience for all involved parties

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    API endpoints

Relationship Manager Office

  • Provides a 360-degree view of the clients’ information to deepen client relations
  • Identify cross-sell, up-sell opportunities and help in new business acquisition
  • Monitor portfolio performance anytime, anywhere

Customer Personal Office

  • Provides a single point of access for clients to get a complete picture of their portfolio performances.
  • Enables RMs and clients to engage in meaningful discussions
  • Provides relevant investment and market-related information for customers

Operations Office

  • Maintains control over the entire life-cycle of managing and administering wealth, powered by STP capabilities.
  • Comprehensive simulation, processing, risk management, and reporting capabilities
  • Automated trade management workflows

Risk & Compliance Office

  • Enables 3 R’s of Compliance - Right selling, Right Record Keeping and Right Reporting
  • Ensures compliance with relevant laws, policies and regulations
  • Configurable market regulatory compliance validators

Fund Manager Office

  • Increases operational efficiency in fund creation and maintenance
  • Facilitates portfolio modeling, monitoring and tracking against the investment strategy
  • Maintains the effectiveness and performance of funds to maximize return

Trust Office

  • Aids trust divisions to set up and create trust related services
  • Configurable workflows for institutions that offer fiduciary services
  • Helps institutional investors and broker-dealers to mitigate risk and reduce costs

Discover the full capabilities of Wealth Qube® by exploring our six offices, each with its own tailored desks and powerful tools.


"We had no doubt in our mind that the future is digital, and that Wealth Management and Trust Banking will play an increasingly important role in China Banks’ sustained profitability. We are pleased to have found the right partner for this endeavor in Intellect"

Patrick Cheng , CFO, China Bank

China Bank

"We We chose a technology vendor who has helped us achieve our goal, Intellect Design wealth software from Bangkok shares our vision"

Dusanee Klewpatinontha, Head of Wealth Product & Consulting and Head of Private Banking, CIMB Thai Bank

CIMB Thai Bank

"Intellect Design Arena Limited is a global leader in Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services. With APIs ranging from - Customer onboarding, Portfolio Management, Risk and others, Intellect Design is leading the way in showcasing the power of the APIX API marketplace."

Manish Divaan, Managing Director, ASEAN Financial Innovation Network, AFIN.


Making a difference where it matters!

Discover how Wealth Qube's comprehensive advantages can provide customized wealth management solutions.

More Engagement
More Engagement

360-degree view of the customer’s relationship value and a spectrum of tools which enables the Wealth Managers to engage with customers effectively.

More Market
More Market

With the basics of customer engagement in place, Wealth Qube® helps drive business retention and expansion at a higher pace.

Less Business Risk
Less Business Risk

3D compliance (bank, customer and regulator), brings in transparency and trust in business ensuring strong compliance and hence lower risks.

More Mindshare
More Mindshare

Superior and personalized engagement translates into an overall positive experience in the mind of the customer.

More Wallet Share
More Wallet Share

Targeted cross sell and up sell of value added products with the help of predictive analytics.

Less Implementation Risk
Less Implementation Risk

The tried and tested DE Framework ensures zero defect and deliver three day before the date of delivery (on time and in full delivery)

Less Implementation Risk
Reduced Cost

Optimization of the overall process ensures a much lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

Less Implementation Risk
More revenue

An engaged customer means lesser cost and more revenue per customer.

Less Implementation Risk
Less complexity

Reduces complexity by offering a seamless omnichannel experience.

Unleashing the full potential of Wealth Qube® with cutting-edge technologies

Our eMACH architecture, which includes events, micro-services, APIs, cloud, and headless, makes our platform completely cloud-agnostic. This means that our easy-to-deploy solution can meet the changing market demands of banks and financial institutions quickly and at a lower total cost of ownership.


A basket of contextual AI/ML tools for RMs to choose from - catering to the advanced business needs


All of our products are ‘cloud native’ and intrinsically leverage the advantages of the cloud.

Deep Data Analytics

Platform comes bundled with 25+ Advanced Analytics tools, ESG Analysis and Factor Analysis for the RM and customers to make informed decisions.

Open Banking

We partner with multiple allied technology providers and continue to harness the power of open market innovation

Intellect Wealth Qube® - API First and Cloud Native

Digital Ready

  • Self Contained Microservices and API Based platform
  • Customer Experience
  • Omni Channel
  • Containerized
  • IBM OpenShift /Azure/AWS
  • Lower TCO


  • Robust and Extensible Compliance Engine
  • Built on global standards and flexible for Local customizations
  • Configurable business rules and processes
  • Framework Based Approach

Tool Based Data Migration and Integration

  • Detailed Framework for Data Migration (Operations)
  • Code Gen tool to automate the process
  • Olive Fabric for Integration
  • Readily available cartridges

Robust Analytics Engine

  • Star Schema
  • POWER BI/Jasper BI
  • Role based Access
  • Insights Engine
  • AI/ML Tools

Recent Analyst & Industry Awards and Recognition

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Global Private Banker Awards 2024

eMACH.ai Powered Wealth Qube by IntellectAI Wins Coveted 'Best WealthTech Solution – Overall' at Global Private Banker Awards 2024

WealthBriefing MENA Awards 2023

IntellectAI has been awarded the title ‘Most Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence’ by Clearview Financial Media on its tenth annual WealthBriefing MENA Award.

WealthBriefingAsia Awards 2023

WealthForce.AI powered by eMACH.ai wins big at WealthBriefingAsia Awards 2023
Named as Winner in "Artificial Intelligence (AI) Application (Pan-Asia)" category for its exceptional usage of AI as part of its offering to the Asian wealth management market.


Intellect announced winner in the 2020 IDC FinTech Rankings Real Results Award under the Efficiency and Agility category for Digital Wealth Transformation at CIMB Thai Bank


Intellect named Winner in IBSI Global Fintech Innovation Awards 2020 under the Most Innovative API / Open Banking Model category for API-fication of wealth journey with Monetary Authority of Singapore’s APIX


Intellect Design Arena has been recognised as one of the top 100 global Wealth Tech firms worldwide selected from a highly competitive list of over 1200 participants by FinTech Global.


Intellect has featured in the Forrester’s Wave report for Digital Wealth Management Platform. Identified as one among the 13 globally significant wealth platform for this "By Invite Only" Wave, Intellect has been rated high for the breadth and depth of its functionalities


Intellect Wealth Qube® has been listed among Global Portfolio Management Vendors in Gartner's Report "Integrate Advisor-Supporting Wealth Management Technologies Into Digital Platforms to Accelerate Adoption"

Aite novarica

Intellect featured amongst leading core banking vendors catering to wealth managers in Aite-Novarica's report titled "Wealth-Management-Focused Core Banking Systems in Europe and Asia"


Intellect Wealth Qube® has been profiled amongst major vendors in Celent's European Wealth Management Technology Vendors report - Evaluating Front-to-Back Office Platform Vendors


Intellect design arena was ranked #2 in IBS intelligence sales league table under the wealth management and private banking category


Intellect Design featured amongst leading RPA players in Celent's report "What vendors see for the Future of Robotic Process Automation in Insurance"


Novarica features Intellect SEEC’s Magic Submissions- a hyper-automation AI data extraction platform among prominent providers of Intelligent Text Ingestion (ITI) tools

Wealth tech 100 2023

IntellectAI featured in the fintech Global’s 2023 Wealthtech100 List.


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