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Xponent 3.0 - The World's Most Comprehensive Underwriting Ecosystem

Powered by Embedded and Generative AI

Friction-free underwriting for Reinsurers, Wholesalers, and MGAs

Intellect Xponent 3.0 is a full suite, end to end underwriting workbench that includes all-lines submission ingestion, full policy administration and enrichment of over 8000 data elements from hundreds of structured and millions of unstructured data sources. Designed by seasoned insurance professionals including underwriters and brokers to adeptly manage distinctions across Commercial, Specialty, and E&S lines.

Customizable building blocks









To Facilitate

Rapid Deployments

Rapid Deployments

Tailored Solutions


Bespoke Experiences

Bespoke Experiences

Business Growth


We create an AI-powered predictable, repeatable and profitable underwriting process for our customers.


Xponent 3.0 raises the bar of what Underwriting Workbenches are meant to do

The collective intelligence of human and machine is far superior than the machine or human alone!

AI powered Intake & Routing

  • 500+ formats including 100% unstructured documents cognitively ingested, contextually extracted and validated in real-time, including emails, loss runs, Excel exposures, ACORD forms, broker specifications and more.
  • Machine Learning (ML) powered assignment of NAICS, ISO standard codes from text descriptions with highest consistency.
  • Automatically perform quick-declines per appetite, perform complex clearance checks and prioritize submissions 87% faster than humans.

Configurable workflows and UI

  • Empower business users to manage automated work assignments and authority levels. for faster turnaround time.
  • Quickly customize underwriting workflows, and eligibility rules, with real-time broker communications.
  • Build custom broker portals in hours with pre-built components.

Rules Engine

  • Roll out new products in days with coverage flexibility, quickly configure risk groups, schedules and underwriting questions.
  • Customize business rules to support quick declines and underwriting triage, underwriting rules, LOA management, underwriting guidelines, eligibility criteria and automated referrals.
  • Switch between multi-line and single-line with simple changes.

Risk Insights that matter

  • Contextual Risk insights and leading indicators triangulated from 8000+ data sources.
  • 360-degree intel on company and locations within seconds including loss analysis.
  • Generative Ai provides summarized recommendations for account/policy/risk and coverages based on underwriting guidelines and unearthed insights.

Multi-product, multi-quote view

  • Combine quotes from multiple lines of business into a unified view, eliminating redundant data input.
  • Simplify quoting with automated data pre-fill, facilitating easy pricing comparisons for brokers/MGAs on a single submission.
  • Account centric view with contextual external and internal data for better underwriting decisions.

Document management

  • Effortlessly upload, categorize, collaborate and digitally link documents to associated submissions or accounts.
  • Store information on underwriting decisions (thought capture) for training and audit.
  • Document generation capabilities include quote letter/email generation and policy documents.


  • Configure account level reports including activity, audit trail, underwriter documentation.
  • Track underwriter and agency performance across portfolios, products and customers.
  • Configure and customize reports (capital, organizational, underwriter, broker).

Issue, Endorse, Renew and Audit

  • 30+ pre-built APIs to customer internal systems for policy issuance based on underwriting decisions.
  • Automated or manual renewal processing within the workbench for expired policies.
  • Real time integration to pricing and rating rules, and more across lines of business

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Benefits experienced by our customers.


Reduction in decision time


Improvements in loss ratios


Improved decision consistency


Reduction in triage costs

Your results may vary.

Design Principles of Xponent 3.0

Don’t spend millions of dollars, months on discovery and years on building.
We have done most of the work for you.

Seamless navigation

Seamless navigation with a
single click

Easy uploads

Easy uploads of multiple
schedules in one go

Clear visualization

Clear visualization by grouping
of elements

Narrative design

Narrative design with intuitive
flow of policy information


Reusability of information
through pre-fill across business

Zero data loss

Zero data loss through automatic
save of information

Pre-built integrations

Pre-built integrations to 50+ systems

Pre-built components for quick build of custom portals

Pre-built components for quick build of custom portals


Pre-configured domain data models, rule sets, workflows and UX components for deployment acceleration

Pre-built and underwriting trained

Pre-built and underwriting trained AI/ML models with Generative AI
for underwriter effectiveness

Your opportunities are limitless!

Our use-cases provide an in depth view of our platform and its robust capabilities.


Full feature E&S Underwriting workbench

Robustness of a feature-rich underwriting workbench with flexibility of your existing excel rater(s).

What you bring

Your existing Excel raters.

What we bring

Ingestion via Magic Submission, sophisticated workbench infrastructure via Xponent 3.0, thousands of 3PD from millions of Risk Analyst data sources.


Full feature P&C and Specialty Underwriting workbench

Combine all your disparate multi-line policy admin systems into one single view for your underwriters. Start improving your combined ratio in less than 6 months.

What you bring

Your trusted, existing policy admin ecosystem.

What we bring

Ingestion via Magic Submission, sophisticated workbench infrastructure via Xponent 3.0, thousands of 3PD from millions of Risk Analyst data sources.


Full feature Underwriting workbench with built-in cloud native PAS

Xponent 3.0 comes with a built-in multi-line policy admin system with access to latest rates, rules and forms from regulatory agencies. Turnkey underwriting and policy admin setup never looked easier!

What you bring

Your product definitions and UW discipline.

What we bring

Xponent 3.0 AI-based underwriting, and modern cloud-native, multiline PAS.


Straight-through, no touch automation for SME underwriting

Write more SME business than your competition by leveraging the combination of your eligibility rules, Intellect’s AI-powered flexible automation that gives you full control and visibility over what you want to quote and win.

What you bring

Your underwriting guidelines.

What we bring

Ingestion via Magic Submission, fully straight-through workbench infrastructure via Xponent 3.0, thousands of 3PD from millions of Risk Analyst data sources.


Intelligent Automation of your submission processing with AI

Are your underwriters wasting time on unproductive submissions? Ingest, classify, extract, clear, enrich, prioritize, triage and route the most profitable submissions to your underwriters.

What you bring

Your submissions.

What we bring

AI-powered Magic Submission and thousands of 3PD from millions of Risk Analyst data sources.


Cutting-edge portal for insureds, agents, brokers and wholesalers engagement

Drive delightful user experiences for your trading partners. Your agents and brokers can simply drag and drop their submission documents to your portal and get bindable quotes in minutes!

What you bring

Your vision, your products and your trading partners.

What we bring

AI-powered Xponent 3.0 platform for portals, document extraction via Magic Submission and thousands of 3PD from millions of Risk Analyst data sources.

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