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With our groundbreaking Loss Run Extraction technology, IntellectAI can now extract losses from any document type, any format, any channel (with no touch) exponentially quicker than current industry processes.

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>95% accuracy

IntellectAI’s Loss Run Extraction Technology extracts losses utilizing the strength of Large Language Models to extract data from loss runs in an instant with greater than 95% accuracy.

All Formats.

This proprietary technology accurately extracts and summarizes loss run information from all different document types (including handwriting, Excel, images and PDFs) irrespective of content complexities such as borderless tables and headerless sheets.

No Touch.

The entire process of identifying and understanding intrinsic hierarchies is done with no human involvement during the extraction process.

In Minutes.

Loss Run Extraction is a complex process that took so much time and manual effort. With our groundbreaking technology, this process is dramatically reduced to just minutes with greater than 95% accuracy.

You no longer have to choose between the accuracy of the loss run data or the speed at which the data was pulled, which can ultimately be the difference between winning or losing a deal.

We have cracked the problem that has plagued the industry for decades!


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