Ready… Set… Grow​

Feb 21, 2022

Webinar Series

Ready… Set… Grow​



This on demand webinar, done in partnership with Insurance Thought Leadership, features an interactive discussion with Intellect’s own Jim Mckenney and Sandeep Tandon and ITL Editor-in-Chief, Paul Carroll.

In this engaging on demand webinar, the group discusses how companies can lay the groundwork for modernization and innovation by reconfiguring their approach to core systems.

You will learn:

1) Why changes in the business environment require a modernized approach to underwriting

2) How you can vastly increase the speed at which you deliver capabilities and new systems – cutting deployment times to hours or days, from weeks or months, while delivering a clear ROI

3) Why you should think in terms of microservices and application programming interfaces (APIs), decoupling capabilities from core systems so they can be deployed flexibly across the whole enterprise

4) How to make better buy-vs-build decisions

Our Speakers

James McKenney
James McKenney

is Chief Strategy Officer and Products Business Head at Intellect SEEC.

Sandeep Tandon
Sandeep Tandon

CTO, Americas, is passionate about technology with strong capabilities in architecting solutions for banking and insurance.

Paul Carroll
Paul Carroll

is the editor-in-chief of Insurance Thought Leadership.

Magic Submission featured as an Intelligent Text Ingestion (ITI) solution for Advanced Underwriting in the latest report from Novarica.

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