Feb 15, 2024

AI and Hyper-Automation: Redefining Speed and Precision in Modern Wealth Management Practices


In this era of rapid technological advancement, wealth management firms must adopt revolutionary innovations or risk falling behind in a competitive, tech-centric market. Join IntellectAI for an insightful webinar that explores the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and hyper-automation on wealth management.

Why Attened?

The webinar will provide insights on:

The Current State of AI and Hyper Automation: Explore contemporary technologies and ‘trusted’ data that are reshaping wealth management practices.

Blueprints for Adoption: Learn about simplified strategies to integrate AI and hyper-automation into traditional wealth management ecosystems.

Client Centricity in the Age of Automation: Understand how AI and hyper-automation are reshaping client experiences and relationships.

Envisioning the Future: Discover emerging trends, ongoing innovations, and the evolving role of wealth managers in a tech-driven landscape

Tangible Use Cases: Explore real-world success stories of IntellectAI – (AI – Financial Advisor copilot, Hyper Automation – Catood, FIeld Risk, CFR)

Unlock the potential of tech in wealth management and ensure your firm’s future success with key insights and strategies.

Our Speakers

Andrew Young
Andrew Young

Senior Vice President, IntellectAI

Richard McGrail
Richard McGrail

Vice President, IntellectAI

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