Commercial Lines Profitability

June 16, 2022

Commercial Lines Profitability: Transform Underwriter experiences to transform your business

Aite Novarica

Carriers and MGAs continue to struggle with finding a balance between reducing legacy policy admin debt and choosing to arm their underwriters with time-consuming underwriting processes making it impossible to rapidly respond to broker and customer expectations. What underwriting and technology leaders – who want to create a legacy of profitability – owe their underwriters is a unified platform that can manage new business, renewals and midterm changes, all in one place. This is a place where AI, process, people, guidelines, insights and work truly align to create an environment where underwriters can focus on the right portfolio mix to win profitably.

Key takeaways:

In this webinar, you will get insights on how successful insurance executives are using data and AI to deliver the next level of intelligent automation in the journey to enhance the underwriter, broker and customer experience.

  • What are some proven game changers in underwriting effectiveness?
  • How can a unified platform drive underwriting profitability?
  • How can a Specialty carrier go from zero to full underwriting automation in a matter of weeks?
  • How do P&C carriers with a large policy admin tech debt simplify the ecosystem for their underwriters?

Our Speakers

Laila Beane
Laila Beane

CCO and Partner IntellectAI

Sandeep Haridas
Sandeep Haridas

Business Head, North America and Chief Strategy Officer, IntellectAI

CCO and Partner IntellectAI
Stuart Rose

Strategic advisor, Aite-Novarica

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