Nov 2, 2023 11 am EST

Webinar: Using embedded and generative AI for underwriter effectiveness: How carriers can start seeing significant increases in profitability and growth


Embedded AI. Generative AI. Hyper automation. You know the terms, but how are these tools truly revolutionizing commercial and specialty insurance – specifically in underwriting and customer experience?

In this Q&A style webinar, Martina Conlon, Head of Insurance Insights from Datos Insights and IntellectAI’s Sandeep Haridas, EVP and Insurance Business Head will discuss how generative and embedded AI are game changers in underwriting and customer experience to result in profitable growth, frictionless underwriting and immediate ROI. These cutting-edge technologies target underwriter effectiveness at speeds not seen before and with the highest efficacy.

Join them as they discuss:

  • The primary differences between generative AI and AI that is purpose-built for commercial underwriting
  • Practical applications in underwriting for traditional and generative AI
  • The immediate benefits carriers are experiencing with their core systems using traditional AI
  • The work IntellectAI is doing to operationalize generative AI in underwriting and customer experience

Our Speakers

Sandeep Haridas
Sandeep Haridas

EVP and Insurance Business Head, IntellectAI

Martina Conlon
Martina Conlon

Head of Insurance Insights, Datos Insights

Laila Beane
Laila Beane

CMO, IntellectAI

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