Unlocking ESG Insights with IntellectAI

Nov 2, 2023

Unlocking ESG Insights with IntellectAI

Discover how IntellectAI revolutionizes ESG analytics through advanced AI and data-powered solutions. Dive into a recent interview published by Fintech Global, where Banesh Prabhu, CEO of IntellectAI, as he unveils the game-changing approach to ESG
in the world of InsurTech and WealthTech. ESG Edge from IntellectAI is named to the ESGFinTech100 list by FinTech Global.Interview Summary:

  • ESG Trends Unveiled: Gain insights into the evolving trends shaping the ESG sector and the pivotal role of AI in driving transformative solutions.
  • Trusted Data Unearthed: Learn about IntellectAI’s innovative strategy of extracting and presenting ‘trusted data’, revolutionizing the way ESG metrics are utilized for risk analysis.
  • Empowering Investment Decisions: Discover how IntellectAI empowers investment managers, wealth managers, fundhouses, and banks with transparent, accessible, and high-quality ESG data.
  • Combatting Greenwashing: Understand the critical importance of accurate and complete ESG data analysis, and how IntellectAI’s approach helps combat greenwashing.
  • Long-Term ESG Vision: Gain insights into IntellectAI’s strategic vision for establishing a comprehensive repository of company information, enhancing accessibility, and empowering users with seamless ESG insights.

Join us on this journey of transforming ESG analytics. Explore the full interview now.

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