Behind the Scenes of Change: IntellectAI Observes Salesforce’s Big Reveal at Dreamforce 2023

Nov 9, 2023

Behind the Scenes of Change: IntellectAI Observes Salesforce’s Big Reveal at Dreamforce 2023

IntellectAI stands as an elite Salesforce Partner, acclaimed for its finesse in financial solutions and wealth management. With a suite of solutions encompassing consulting, custom development, and integration, we’re recognized for executing one of the fastest Salesforce rollouts to 10,000 users within a top UK investment firm. This achievement cements our status as the premier Salesforce wealth management provider in the UK.

Leveraging over a quarter-century of experience and a team of over 100 financial service experts, we ensure rapid and sophisticated Salesforce implementations. At Dreamforce 2023, we gained insights into the latest innovations and trends.

Salesforce continues to be at the forefront of technological advancements. Its recent announcement of the Einstein 1 Platform, and a plethora of other updates at Dreamforce 2023, have left industries buzzing with anticipation.

Einstein 1 Platform: A Gateway to AI Excellence

Salesforce’s groundbreaking Einstein 1 Platform takes centre stage, promising to revolutionize the integration of AI into business operations. Built on Salesforce’s robust metadata framework, this platform introduces a range of innovative features:

  • Einstein Copilot Studio: This development environment empowers users with the tools they need to craft and deploy AI models effortlessly. It includes a prompt builder, a skill builder, and a visual debugger.

  • Einstein Copilot: Think of it as your AI co-pilot, a conversational assistant that simplifies everyday tasks within Salesforce. Powered by predictive models and generative AI, it leverages organizational data and public sources to assist users.
  • Model Builder: Flexibility reigns supreme as customers gain the freedom to select their AI models. Einstein Copilot Studio’s Model Builder allows you to choose from Salesforce’s proprietary large language models or those from preferred partners like Anthropic, Cohere, Databricks, Google Cloud’s Vertex IX, or OpenAI. And, to protect sensitive data, Einstein Trust Layer ensures it remains off-limits for training large language models.

  • Skills Builder: Grant access to generative AI to users who need it. Users should only have access to the capabilities they need for their defined use cases. You can grant access via skills, which enable you to specify which capabilities each user has. You can also enable checklists for users, which recommend actions they can take.
    Organisations can extend Copilot functionality by bolting on custom skills. This allows them to give Copilot the ability to answer questions that it might not otherwise be able to.

Data Empowerment for All

Salesforce’s commitment to democratizing data is evident with its offering of free licenses for Salesforce Data Cloud and Tableau to all customers. This move levels the playing field, allowing businesses of all sizes and budgets to collect, store, and analyze their data effectively.

Enhanced Data Cloud Features

Salesforce Data Cloud receives a significant upgrade with a suite of features tailored to various industries. Expect pre-built data models and integrations for sectors such as financial services, healthcare, and retail. Data Cloud Connect enables seamless integration with diverse data sources, including on-premises databases and data warehouses. Moreover, Data Cloud Governance introduces features like data lineage, data quality, and data security through Data Spaces, facilitating efficient data management.

Marketing and Commerce Cloud Evolution

Marketers have much to celebrate with Marketing Cloud Einstein, which brings AI-powered capabilities into play. Personalizing campaigns and enhancing results, even with features like image generation, is now within reach.

Slack Integration

Slack’s AI capabilities have expanded to summarize threads and channels and provide sales analytics right within the app’s home.


The website now offers enhanced features, making it easier to search and filter items in the Template Gallery. The Generative AI Starter Kit is a valuable resource, while Scale Center offers self-service access to performance metrics, enabling quicker issue resolution.


  • Generations API
    The Generations API is currently in trial with select ISVs and is set to become available to everyone in Spring ’24.
  • Flow
    1. 1) Data cloud-triggered flows
      Data cloud-triggered flows enable automatic triggering of flows when data changes occur in Salesforce Data Cloud. This feature proves beneficial for tasks like sending notifications upon new record creation, updating related records when a field changes, or initiating processes when specific conditions are met.
    2. 2) Einstein for Flow
      Einstein for Flow comprises AI-powered functionalities that enhance flow capabilities.
      For instance, you can employ Einstein for Flow to:

      • Generate personalized recommendations for users
      • Predict customer behavior
      • Automate tasks based on machine learning insights
    3. 3) Flow Custom Error Messages
      Flow Custom Error Messages empower you to craft custom error messages within your flows. This aids in offering users more comprehensive information regarding issues and how to resolve them.
    4. 4) Flow HTTP callouts
      Flow HTTP callouts permit the execution of HTTP requests directly from your flows. This is valuable for integrating with external systems or services.
    5. 5) Flow Transformation
      Flow Transformation allows data manipulation within your flows. It proves handy for tasks such as data format conversion, data cleaning, or data enrichment.
    6. 6) Flow Reactive Components
      Flow Reactive Components represent a novel type of flow component, offering dynamic and interactive flow creation. These components can automatically update when data changes occur, making them ideal for real-time data displays or building chatbots.
    7. 7) Flow Repeaters
      Flow Repeaters enable you to iterate through a collection of records within a flow. This feature is advantageous for processing batches of records or delivering personalized messages to group members.

Apex Guru

Apex Guru Insights introduces a new feature harnessing AI to identify potential issues within your Apex code. It categorizes these as “Critical,” “Major,” or “Minor” problems that could impact performance and suggest appropriate fixes. This tool saves developers valuable time and elevates code quality. In essence, Apex Guru Insights serves as a tool assisting developers in locating and rectifying code errors. It achieves this through artificial intelligence, streamlining the development process and improving code quality.


AI in Flow

Utilize natural language to express your flow requirements to AI, and it will generate the corresponding flow for you.

Dynamic Actions

Dynamic Actions empower you to create user-friendly, responsive pages. These pages display only the actions relevant to users based on specified criteria, eliminating the need to navigate through lengthy action lists. Instead, users are presented with a concise, role-specific choice.

User Access

The Winter ’24 release introduces several updates to user management. One noteworthy enhancement simplifies permission set creation and management. It enables you to view all enabled objects, users, and field permissions on a single page within a permission set. To access this, simply select a permission set and choose “View Summary (Beta).”

Einstein Prompt Builder

Prompts essentially serve as instructions for large language models (LLMs). The more context provided in a prompt, the higher the quality of the generated output. The Prompt Builder empowers administrators to create prompt templates, specify how prompts connect to Salesforce data, and swiftly activate them for users. In simpler terms, the Prompt Builder enables the creation, testing, and deployment of generative AI prompts for your users.

Other Major Announcements

Beyond the spotlight features, Salesforce has unveiled a range of other exciting developments. New AI-powered features in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud promise automation, improved customer experiences, and increased sales. Strategic partnerships with industry giants like AWS, Google, and Microsoft will facilitate seamless data and application integration for Salesforce customers.

In conclusion, Salesforce’s recent innovations are set to propel businesses into a new era of efficiency, automation, and data-driven decision-making. The future of CRM and AI integration looks brighter than ever, with Salesforce leading the charge.

Using IntellectAI to help with the Salesforce Implementations

When you choose IntellectAI as your Salesforce implementation partner, you’re gaining a collaborator with a track record of delivering one of the world’s fastest Salesforce rollouts to a workforce of 10,000. As the foremost Salesforce provider for wealth management in the UK, we don’t just meet expectations—we redefine them.

Our accolade as an esteemed Salesforce partner underscores our commitment to excellence. It is a guarantee that our clients receive unparalleled services and support, with offerings that include Salesforce Consulting, Custom Development, and New Implementations, to name a few. We understand that the digital transformation journey is unique for every client, and we’re prepared to tailor our solutions to fit your exact needs.

For further insights or to start a conversation about how we can support your Salesforce endeavors, feel free to reach out to us. Connect with us at or, and let’s explore how we can elevate your business with the power of Salesforce.

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