How to gain insights by effectively using data as a service in underwriting

August 13, 2020

On-demand Webinar:

How to gain insights by effectively using data as a service in underwriting


Data as a Service is trending across all industries, including insurance. But what exactly is it? How do underwriters, carriers and even insurtechs use it effectively and experience the benefits? This webinar will explore Data as a Service, how to access highly accurate and reliable data via API, answer the top ten questions we hear a lot when it comes to data and introduce you to our Fabric Data Platform.

Find out more about our data-driven approach to underwriting and insuring risks. Intellect RIsk Analyst pulls data from thousands of structured and unstructured data sources so you can make smarter and more accurate decisions.

Our Speakers

Sarat Dara
Sarat Dara

Business Head, FABRIC Data Services, ANZ Region at Intellect SEEC Sarat is a seasoned leader in Cloud and DevOps, with 20 years of experience in banking and insurance with expertise in cloud & data engineering. Prior to his current role as a business head, he spent 3+ years at Intellect Design Arena as Head of Cloud Computing.

Stuart Johnson
Stuart Johnson

Region Head, Oceania at Intellect SEEC Stuart has 30+ years of experience in IT across all areas of finance in Australia, Europe and UK markets. Most of his career has been spent as a Senior Executive on the ‘buy’ side.

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