Apr 19, 2024

Why Gen AI Alone Won’t Transform Underwriting

2021 ITL enterprise

Generative AI is all the rage in the world of business, including insurance, but is it everything it’s cracked up to be? Deepak Dastrala, Chief Technology Officer of IntellectAI, says Gen AI may disappoint … unless it’s combined effectively with traditional AI.

Despite all the focus on the breakthroughs with large language models and the heightened potential for human-like, traditional AI, he says insurers trying to reap the benefits face less of a science problem and more of an engineering problem. Forming the issue correctly, he says, will let insurers use both types of AI and deliver the right data to the right underwriter at the right time.

In this webinar, ITL Editor In Chief Paul Carroll and Deepak Dastrala explore:

  • How generative AI and traditional AI can be engineered to work together to improve underwriting decisions
  • Why human-centered design is key
  • Where the merger of generative AI and traditional AI will take commercial underwriting in the future
  • How to get started


Our Speakers

Deepak Dastrala

Chief Technology Officer, IntellectAI

Paul Carroll

Editor in Chief, Insurance Thought Leadership

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