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ESG Edge leverages our FABRIC Data Platform for extensive coverage and highest accuracy of information

Join us in building a better world through responsible financing with the power of AI

Our vision is to create a world driven by transparent, sustainable, and ethical financing and we believe that this can be achieved through democratizing access to ESG data for financial service organizations allowing them to embed sustainability as a core part of their products and services.

The challenge - Availability and Accessibility of ESG data

Finding relevant and accurate ESG data can be a challenge as information may be present in many different sources and parsing this information to extract the information needed can be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming.

Research is manually-intensive

Building a rational, justifiable perspective on a single company can take 4-6 hours for an analyst with specialized training required.

Risk analysis is inflexible

Ratings/scores provided by third-parties will continue to be challenged due to trust in underlying data and inconsistencies.

Information quality is poor

Often 12-18 months out of date or missing, and where AI is used, training can be protracted, limited, or inflexible.

Scalable solutions not available

Coverage of companies, geographics, and data points requires multiple providers for a company to integrate.

ESG Edge finds relevant data with a simple ‘google’ like search

With just the company ISIN or website, get real-time comprehensive & up-to-date sustainability insights from unstructured and fragmented sources in the public domain, for your investment portfolios, eliminating any blind spots. Our tool is powerful enough to run company sustainability reports on your custom metrics, against thousands of companies at once, enabling portfolio level and industry level analysis.

The ESG Data Challenges We Address

Standard Market source data integration

Standard Market source data integration

Ready-to-use data model

Research-enabled data Augmentation

Research-enabled data Augmentation

Real time,
contextual data

Al/ML-driven decision-making support

Al/ML-driven decision-making support

Extensive Al-enabled information capture

Calculation-based decision-making support

Calculation-based decision-making support

Complete process integration flexibility

Data export and reporting capabilities

Data export and reporting capabilities

Composable business intelligence


Explore our proven and differentiated offerings:

Comprehensive Data for Efficient Decision-Making
Comprehensive Data for Efficient Decision-Making

Company health trends with time-series insights by custom categories relevant to your portfolio enable time savings and informed decision making.

Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis
Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis

Quickly unearth problematic and controversial entities with deep correlative trends between news and sentiments.

Configurable to your specific needs
Configurable to your specific needs

Extract metrics and outputs based on your guidelines. Define your own scoring criteria.

Composable Architecture
Composable Architecture

Orchestrate ever changing data sources on demand to construct customized output.

Traceable and Defensible Data
Traceable and Defensible Data

Real time actionable binary and detailed output with full transparency and reference traceability. Inbuilt personalized alerts such as companies, industries, ESG topics and sentiments.

Data Source and format agnostic
Data Source and format agnostic

Intelligently extract relevant attributes from structured, unstructured, publicly available, third party, internal sources and more. We consume many data formats such as Text, PDF, CSV, XLS, JSON and more.

Sample Data Sources

  • Company annual reports
  • Internal data
  • CEIC
  • Regulator-side disclosures
  • CDP
  • Treasury reports
  • ISS
  • Blogs
  • News articles
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Websites and more...

No more tedious manual data collection and analysis - ESG Edge simplifies the process of data collection, freeing up your time

Quality Data at Your Fingertips

With over 90% accuracy ESG Edge allows customers to configure their interpretations and guidelines for ESG information, ensuring better alignment with their requirements.

Auditability & Continuous Improvement

Verify data accuracy through confidence level indicators and direct links to sources. ESG Edge takes this one step further by incorporating human-in-the-loop feedback for continuous improvement.

Cost savings on manual analysis

Comprehensive and up-to-date sustainability insights, combined with customizable alerts help eliminate blind spots and cost constraints. This provides a deeper understanding of ESG factors compared to manual analysis.

Quick decisions and efficient actions

Save valuable time by getting tailored solutions and categorized news highlights enabling informed decisioning making and proactive action taking.

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Designed for customers with varying levels of technical expertise, regardless of their background or experience



Our solution is designed for clients with large & complex portfolios.



Comply with regulatory requirements related to sustainability reporting & disclosure

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Protect & enhance your reputation by identifying potential issues before they become public knowledge

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ESG Fintech100 2023

IntellectAI's ESG Edge is recognized in Fintech Global’s ESGFinTech100 list by FinTech Global

Join the Future of Sustainable and Ethical Financing with ESG Edge

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