Underwriting Innovation USA
Underwriting Innovation USA

Nov 10 - Nov 12, 2020

Underwriting Innovation USA

In November, Intellect AI joined 1000+ senior underwriting leaders from top tier carriers to redefine the future of underwriting at Underwriting Innovation USA. During the event, Laila Beane, CCO and Head of Consulting, presented a session focusing on AI in underwriting.

Revisit Laila’s session to learn how innovative underwriting solutions and automation in insurance underwriting are reshaping commercial insurance underwriting. She discusses how an AI-powered, data-first approach in underwriting can lead the way to a faster, better and more profitable portfolio. Discover how to:

  • Improve data quality; perform appetite matching upfront; and ensure higher bind rates in the desired portfolio
  • Leverage cognitive intake training to contextually classify and extract from broker submitted bundles (all formats) with information hierarchies across documents kept intact
  • Validate key risk elements and enrich with additional exposures through triangulation from thousands of external data sources
  • Use Ai powered rating recommendations or follow an alternate straight-through process for decline or quote
  • Consistently focus underwriters to only review complex or edge cases and supercharge the underwriter’s toolkit to tackle combined ratios and proactively steer portfolio

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