Embarking on a Cognitive Enterprise Transformation: Leading Indian Wealth Management Firm Adopts IntellectAI's Wealth Qube® for Business Growth and Operational Efficiency

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Embarking on a Cognitive Enterprise Transformation: Leading Indian Wealth Management Firm Adopts IntellectAI’s Wealth Qube® for Business Growth and Operational Efficiency

Setting a new benchmark in the Indian market, this go-live showcases the transformative impact of artificial intelligence in wealth management, enabling hyper-personalised advisory services and exceptional customer experiences.

Chennai, November 28, 2023: IntellectAI the WealthTech and InsurTech of Intellect Design Arenas, announces the successful go-live of its relationship-centric, one-stop digital wealth management platform, Wealth Qube® at one of India’s premier wealth management firms embarking on a Cognitive Enterprise transformation. This event signifies the first deployment of IntellectAI’s Indian Wealth Stack by an independent, top-tier wealth management provider in the Indian market, establishing its status as a frontrunner in the Indian wealth market.

In this strategic collaboration, the wealth management firm aims to fill existing market gaps by offering a frictionless, trustworthy, and personalised investment experience. The focus lies in deeply understanding financial behaviours, providing insights into current financial portfolios, and facilitating access to a carefully selected array of investment products. This underscores the firm’s commitment to delivering pioneering, client-centric wealth management services.

Wealth Qube®, designed on the revolutionary eMACH.ai architecture, is a cloud-native, microservices-based solution aimed at delivering hyper-personalised wealth management services. This advanced platform enhances the firm’s operational efficiency through Straight Through Processing (STP). Wealth Qube® offers end-to-end digital wealth lifecycle management, from customer onboarding and investment planning to portfolio management and order processing.

Following the go-live of the Wealth Qube® in the AWS cloud and the launch of the mobile application, the premier wealth management firm has seen remarkable results, including an impressive number of customer onboarding and transaction processing within a short span. This success showcases the effective integration and robustness of the Wealth Qube®.

Banesh Prabhu Banesh Prabhu, CEO of IntellectAI, commented, “The recent go-live of Wealth Qube® with this premier Indian wealth management firm, leveraging the AWS cloud, represents a significant leap in the Indian wealth management sector. Our innovative microservices-based platform is pivotal in enabling the firm to offer bespoke, advanced wealth management services on a large scale, perfectly aligned with their clients’ financial goals. This achievement underscores IntellectAI’s commitment to innovation and excellence and solidifies our position as a leader in the Indian wealth market.”

He added, “At IntellectAI, we are deeply focused on utilising data and intelligence to set ourselves apart in the market with our advanced AI capabilities. Our wealth solution, built on the eMACH.ai architecture, is designed to elevate revenue, reduce costs, and significantly improve the productivity of Relationship Managers. By embedding AI across every facet of our platform, we personalise end-users’ wealth management experience, enhancing operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Additionally, our India ready Wealth Stack is a testament to our commitment to the Indian market, offering quick and efficient deployment capabilities that enable our customers to seamlessly integrate and leverage our wealth platform. This integration of AI and readiness for the Indian market is a cornerstone in our strategy to drive digital transformation in wealth management, ensuring our clients and their end-users receive the most sophisticated and efficient service possible.”

About Intellect Design Arena Limited
Intellect Design Arena Ltd. has the world’s largest cloud-native, API-led microservices-based multi-product FinTech platform for Global leaders in Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance, and Capital Markets. It offers a full spectrum of banking and wealth technology products through its three lines of business – IntellectAI, Global Consumer Banking and Global Transaction Banking. With over 30 years of deep domain expertise, Intellect is the brand that progressive financial institutions rely on for digital transformation initiatives.

Intellect pioneered Design Thinking to create cutting-edge products and solutions for banking and insurance, with design being the company’s key differentiator in enabling digital transformation. FinTech 8012, the world’s first design centre for financial technology, reflects Intellect’s commitment to continuous and impactful innovation, addressing the growing need for digital transformation. Intellect serves over 270 customers through offices in 57 countries and with a diverse workforce of solution architects, and domain and technology experts in major global financial hubs around the world. For further information on the organisation and its solutions, please visit www.intellectdesign.com

About IntellectAI
IntellectAI offers a suite of contemporary artificial intelligence products and data insights triangulated from
thousands of sources that take a strategic approach to tackling the biggest challenges for the wealth and insurance industries. Our underlying technology powers sophistication with simplicity ensuring an engaging and insightful user journey. Our AI cloud native products are known to address the most complex business objectives with the highest accuracy of outcome. Our skilled technical experts and data scientists seamlessly augment our customer teams to accelerate their transformation journey, easily adapting as business models and technology evolves.

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