Automation Adoption in Insurance

July 15, 2022

Automation Adoption in Insurance

Winning Strategies to Transform Commercial Underwriting for Insurance Carriers, MGAs and Brokers: AI Adoption in Insurance

We recently collaborated with Digital Insurance on this insightful Q&A between Laila Beane, Chief Customer Officer and Partner, IntellectAI and Sandeeep Haridas, Chief Strategy Officer, IntellectAI.  

As the insurance industry continues to transform, insurance carriers are finding success without having to solve a complex set of problems in their transformation. 

With the right technology in place, today’s insurance carriers, MGAs and brokers can transform commercial underwriting to make it simple and insightful. 

Challenge – Too often faced with unstructured or semi-structured data, disparate legacy systems, and platforms that lack scalability, some insurers are struggling to maintain their competitive edge. Without the right tools and resources in place, they risk losing business due to delays in submissions, lack data quality and consistency, and suffer from loss of productivity.

Watch the full Q&A and find out how ‘Automation adoption in insurance’ can be made simple and effective.

In addition to the video, make sure to download the corresponding Executive Summary, Winning Strategies to Transform Commercial Underwriting.

Our Speakers

Sandeep Haridas
Sandeep Haridas

Business Head, North America and Chief Strategy Officer

Laila Beane
Laila Beane

Chief Customer officer and Partner

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